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Change Your World Entry: Isolation by CHOBI-PHO Change Your World Entry: Isolation by CHOBI-PHO
My entry for Billy Blue's: Change Your World Contest~

As once said, designers are always learning and evolving, and are true agents of change.
I've taken this contest as an opportunity to explore myself as an artist and have therefore used
Photography for this contest. The medium I main is digital art or digital painting as some may know,
but I chose to go with photography today because I want to see, where I can go as an artist from a different
perspective and to hear what the world thinks as me as a photographer, not as the digital artist they know.

I've always had a strange relationship with the camera, having fallen in love with it when I looked through the
viewfinder for the first time. I've never explored photography although since I've always pursued digital painting;
thinking Photography would've been a waste of time on my part. However in my recent practical studies
there is alot more to Photography than meets the eye and I've found it to be a remarkable, and a really
enjoyable experience. It made me think about the elements needed to be considered (lighting, angle, THE RISKS)
when taking photography and how much work it can be to find and capture, that 'perfect shot'.

Studying Photography made me realize how enjoyable it can be and I've even thought about pursuing it
someday, as an optional or separate pathway in the future. I guess by leaving your comfort zone and going
for something you never really thought you'd be doing, can really Change Your World.

Soo all up...
My concept of Changing Your World isn't really about the content that I've produced (the artwork)
but rather what new method I approached to create the vision of my idea for the world to see~

In regards to the photo/artwork, this was taken sometime in the past few weeks of practice I've had with the camera~
I easily took over afew thousand photos for this shot but didn't really like any of them except for a very few (two..).
This one was easily my favorite one: Speaking for itself it represents isolation, loneliness and depression.
I minimized all presence of objects and life within the room to create the feeling of complete isolation,
and desaturated the photo to enhance the dark atmosphere as much as possible within the shot.
This shot I favor personally as it represents the amount of hard work I put in the past month, constantly thinking
that all my photos were crap (the artist's dilemma, one would say). Regardless, I continued to keep shooting
until I found that perfect shot I envisioned, one I would be content and happy with, and this is the one I got :D

Sorry for the blabbering...Don't even know if I met the criteria properly ==" Tell me what you think!~

Check out my other works here!~
I think this is a really great photo. You've used the rule of thirds very well for positioning your subject, I just feel that there is too much white in the photo and not enough contrast. Perhaps taking the photo of your subject more on an angle would give a better idea of expression. I feel that the floorboards really help to draw your focus to the subject, which is good because if you had shot the photo another way the floorboards wouldn't direct you to the subject.
I feel like your subject could have filled up the frame a bit more.
All in all a lovely job, good work.
What do you think?
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Bijmin Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
By far the most creative approach to the competition I've seen so far. I couldn't agree more that changing your perspective and self improvement are by far the best way to "change your world". What a brilliant interpretation of the brief! All the best and good luck!
CHOBI-PHO Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Professional
thank you so much! :la:
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October 14, 2013
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